Commercial refrigerator/ freezer temperature monitoring system helps the retailers, logistics, pharmacies, laboratories or food manufacturers to store the products at the right temperature, thereby eliminating possible product loss or food poisoning due to damage. This helps to comply with the strict guidelines regarding the safety of food and medicine storage.


Most of the time the freezer or refrigerator unit is left unattended after the working hours of the employees and the live status of the unit is impossible to monitor. A left opened freezer door or unfavourable temperature setting at this unattended time can cause a huge food loss or food poisoning due to multiplication of microorganisms. Maintaining a proper temperature in a laboratory refrigerator is crucial to maintaining temperature-sensitive medications to avoid losing the potency.


To create a flawless environmental control of refrigeration units, we chose groov RIO with multiple Inputs/Outputs, which makes it possible to connect the temperature and door sensors to the cloud based centralized monitoring system.

Groov RIO, the edge controller from Opto 22 enabled us to design simple, flat, data processing network without gateways. A distributed I/O system like this can process and report data directly to cloud-based supervisory systems, predictive maintenance databases, or MQTT broker. There is no need for intermediary control hardware, because each module provides configurable firewall and data encryption settings as well as a data processing engine to combine, filter, and format data. Since each edge I/O module is independent, the network can grow incrementally, reducing capital project expenditures required to integrate new equipment.

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In case of any temperature fluctuations outside the pre-set norms, an alert is sent out for the system to trigger a response. A similar alert notifies when the door is left open for a particular amount of time. If any technical glitches occur, the system can be restarted remotely, which saves plenty of time for the technical staff and resolves most of the issues without human involvement.

Accurate readings are logged in the cloud-based app for easy download and the system administrator may check history and audit logs of various devices deployed in multiple locations.


  • With 24/7 remote temperature monitoring, you’ll be alerted to potential freezer and refrigerator conditions in real-time, keeping your most valuable assets safe.
  • The system responds quickly so that necessary maintenance and control can be done with no delay.
  • Configure alerts for the conditions you care about and decide which abnormal conditions trigger a text, email, or call alert.
  • Accurate readings are delivered and logged in the cloud-based app for easy download.

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