fleet tracking dashboard



  • Know exact location of your vehicles
  • Avoid vehicle theft
  • Monitor unauthorised usage of company vehicles
  • Optimize routes and trips
  • Monitor driver behavior
  • Monitor the fuel consumption of fleet
  • Improved vehicle maintenance

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Fleet Tracking Solution Features


Real- time route monitoring

Real-time dynamic routing software, automatically re-optimizes routes based on changes in the schedules. The fleet tracking system constantly monitors fleet progress, real-time traffic, and other conditions. If it detects a potential delay then re-sequences stops to ensure that the vehicle reaches the preassigned stops  with specified time windows.


Engine Diagnostic Data monitoring

The OBD connected device will give you critical engine data from the vehicle, including fuel usage and fill-ups, engine diagnostics, and engine faults (DTCs), plus seat belt uasage, real odometer, and accurate idling.


Driver behaviour monitoring

Our advanced visual reporting tools gather insight into your drivers’ behaviour based on the data displayed and reported such as – sudden acceleration, sudden braking, sudden lane swerve, harsh cornering and over-speeding etc.


Axle Load Monitoring

Axle Load Monitoring helps to avoid overloads and reduce depreciation of vehicles and transport facilities, keep a tight rein on your drivers, who could carry underhand cargo and  verify the cargo weight correctly and avoid paying off traffic fines for overloaded vehicle.

Tracking Software Features

  • 90 days data history
  • Command function
  • Sensor data
  • Google Map Integration
  • Driver Identification
  • Eco-driving app
  • Geofences
  • Tasks Monitoring
  • Service intervals
  • Notifications
  • Passengers
  • Different types of reports
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support