GPS Tracker + Fuel Level Sensor+Software 

The Fuel Monitoring system measures real- time fuel level and volume in the truck fuel tank and also in the tanker compartments. It also provides a technique for detecting theft or fraud incidents in case of fuel theft or fuel leakage. Additionally the system can track the location of each fuel carrying tanker in order to locate the place of any incident that could have occurred. This system automatically detects the quality of fuel thus identifying fuel mix up with water or additives .

Features Of Fuel Monitoring System

Tanker Fuel Level

Truck Fuel Level

Route monitoring

Fuel Theft Notification

Fuel Filling & Refilling Location

How The System Works

  • IoT based sensors attached on the tankers surface automatically recognizes fuel types by predefined pattern and makes automatic correction. By measuring fuel volume precisely it  detects tank fill-up and fuel draining volumes continuously.
  • The data is sent to cloud  based server through the IOT gateway attached to the truck and monitor the data in the KPI dashboard.
  • Any change in oil  volume is noted in the form of sensory data, which is transmitted to a cloud-based application as an alert.
  • The GPS tracker allows to locate the truck in real-  time and monitors fuel refilling and draining location.
fuel monitoring infographics
fuel monitoring dashboard

Real-Time Fuel Monitoring Dashboard

Integrating the fuel monitoring system with the analytics software generates reports on all fuel fillings and possible fuel thefts with precise date, time, location and map markers, initial and final fuel levels and fillings/thefts volume information provided. Using this intelligent data fleet owners are usually able to decrease fuel thefts in their fleets by 90%.

Fuel Monitoring Reports

Monthly Fuel Consumption

Graphical Report on fuel volume change in vehicle’s fuel tank within selected time interval 

Mileage Reports

Graphical reports on your fleet’s fuel efficiency from available data on fuel consumed in accordance with distance.

Fuel drain Reports

Information on fuel drain in statistical table report and  quantity of drain events and total volume of drained fuel from tank.

Fuel refill Reports

Table of report on refilling (fill-up) events  within selected time interval. Each detected fill-up has info on: date, time and place of the event, fuel volume in the beginning/at the end of the event,total volume of filled-up fuel.




You can be notified/alerted about any unit activity or change in its state. It can be speeding, change of location, sensor values, and others. A notification can be delivered by email or SMS, shown online in a popup window.


Geofences can be used to control units’ activity in these areas or, on the contrary, outside them. Notifications can be generated when a unit enters, exits or stops at a particular geofence.

Fuel Sensor Disconnection

You will be alerted if the Fuel sensor installed in a unit is  disconnected. It could have happened due to wiring issue or by intentional disconnection.


Alert is created when a speed limitation violation occurs. The speed limit depends on the method for determining the speeding selected in the properties of the unit. 

Fuel Mixing

The advanced fuel sensor automatically detects the fuel quality thus possible mixing with additives or water.Alert is created when such an event occurs. 

Fuel Fill/ Drain

Notification is sent when a vehicle is filled up or fuel drain occurs. The alert contains the details like when and where the event has occured.

Panic Alert

In emergency situations the driver can press the panic button and make an alert. The vehicle number,location and time is sent along with the notification.

Hardwares Used

Professional Bluetooth enabled GPS Tracker

The bluetooth enabled professional tracker  has GNSS, GSM terminal with features like FMS CAN data (J1939), fuel CAN data (J1708), tachograph live data (K-line), remote tachograph file download, various third party RS232 or RS485 devices support and Dual-SIM will maximize your fleet efficiency. Terminal is suitable for applications like international logistics, refrigerated transport, agriculture, construction & mining, security & emergency services and even more.


  • Dual SIM – significantly reduce roaming costs
  • Tachograph files and data remote downloads
  • Allows device to work without external power source
  • Accurate fuel level and temperature monitoring via LLS sensors
  • CAN data reading from vehicles and specialized transport
  • RS232/RS485 serial communication interfaces

Differential Fuel Level Sensor

Various fuel types have difference in fuel volume measurement when capacitive fuel sensors are used. For taking that differences in account, Bio differential fuel level sensors is made.

It has three measuring electrodes, what allows sensor to detect various fuel types automatically.


  • Automatically recognize fuel types by predefined pattern
  • Makes automatic correction and measure fuel volume precisely
  • Detects tank fill-up and fuel draining volumes
  • Identifies fuel type change and indirectly evaluates fuel quality
  • Automatic recognition of fuel type in a fuel tank, where the sensor is installed.


Axle _load_sensor

Wireless axle load sensor

Wireless position sensor   is used in transport telematics systems (GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring systems) to monitor axle loads, determine the axle load in vehicles with spring suspension, prevent exceeding axle loads.


  • In-built-battery, power supply from battery up to 5 years
  • Wireless data transfer using S7 Technology via BLE-channel
  • Operation in «advertising» mode – no need to interlink with receiver, the readings are sent to several receivers simultaneously
  • Data transfer to the smartphone and tablet
  • No cables – quick and easy installation, improved resistance to vandalism or accidental damage