Groov RIO is an independent, intelligent Ethernet-based edge I/O module designed for IIoT and automation applications

With super-flexible I/O channels, multiple installation options, and embedded software for retrieving, processing, and transmitting data.

Thousands of Unique Field I/O Combinations.

To begin with, GROOV-RIO offers 10 software-configurable channels. That means no DIP switches or jumpers are needed. It is all done through the browser-based groov Manage interface.

  1. Channels 0-3 support 10 different kinds of I/O circuits: analog input sensing (V/mV/mA/Ohms*), temperature input sensing (ICTD/TC/thermistor), simple discrete input sensing, powered switch discrete input sensing, and discrete output control.
  2. Channels 4-7 support 9 different kinds of I/O circuits: analog input sensing (V/Ohms), temperature input sensing (ICTD/thermistor*), simple discrete input sensing, powered switch discrete input sensing, analog output control (V/mA), and discrete output control.
  3. Channels 8 and 9 are Form C relays, so they support either normally-open or normally-closed loops.

Simple combinatorial logic (10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 2 x 2) tells us this would support 262,440,000 different sequences of I/O signals. Not every one of those combinations is valid, of course, and after filtering those out, the number comes down to 236,878,344. Clearly, that’s still a lot, but in practice, it doesn’t mean much.

Use the power you already have

Power over Ethernet (PoE) for unit and I/O is  included. Or else use a 10-32 VDC power supply.

Collect and publish data the way you want


Power-fail-safe disk. USB mass data. MQTT. Node-RED. Ignition SCADA. IoT platforms.

Place groov RIO near the sensors and equipment that have the data you need, and wire them up.

Configure I/O channels from any computer or mobile device using the web-based configuration software,  groov Manage Groov RIO immediately begins making data available.

groov Manage is your central command to your groov RIO, helping you configure and troubleshoot I/O, security, and communications.


Configure and Wire I/O Like a Pro

It’s easy from your computer or mobile device with groov Manage

All you need to get started with groov RIO is a web browser. Power up the unit and use your computer or mobile device to connect to your RIO’s IP address or hostname. Use the groov Manage interface to do the rest.

You Can:

  • Configure I/O channels and features
  • Manage and tune PID control loops (requires groov RIO firmware 3.0 or higher)
  • View wiring diagrams and specifications for all signal types
  • Set up security, including user accounts, optional LDAP user management (groov RIO firmware 3.0 or higher), device firewall, security certificates, VPN client, and more
  • Enable MQTT communications
  • Create data flows with the Node-RED editor and runtime
  • Manage files stored on the device and/or the USB memory stick you might be using
  • Install the optional, free GROOV-LIC-SHELL license for secure shell access to the Linux operating system (groov RIO firmware 3.0 or higher)

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