Industrial Automation Software

A unique software for configuring entire plant in a single software environment and collecting  all your data seamlessly and  easily.

The unique  SCADA software comes standard with a comprehensive set of data acquisition tools which includes built-in OPC UA to connect to practically any PLC, and the ability to seamlessly connect to any SQL database. It can also turn any SQL database into a high-performance industrial historian and connects to IIoT devices through MQTT.



Multiple Users & Projects

Allows you to edit and run several databases simultaneously

Reusable Graphic Objects

Reusable graphic objects libraries and data structures


Highly secure and traceable

Ultra-secure SSL and supports  federated identity infrastructure, MFA, SSO.


Highly flexible alarms

Easily stay aware of what’s happening at your facility, wherever you are.


Dynamic Reports

Integrated logs, queries, and reports tool


Scale from a single part  installation to an enterprise-wide system with ease.

Multiple Platform

Works on Windows, Linux, macOS, and more.

Store & Forward

Store-and-forward historical data so you never lose it.

Fast and easy SCADA project development 

Develop at lightning speed with the industry’s most powerful integrated development environment (IDE), which gives you all the tools you need, all in one place. It’s instantly available, always the right version and works on any major OS.

 Real-Time Monitoring

The software is engineered to streamline data-throughput so you see true real-time tag values. Real-time monitoring gives you the power to quickly see the status of your facility, on any device.

Mobile-Responsive SCADA Applications

Get all the tools you need to build full-fledged, totally mobile-responsive SCADA applications that put the full overview and control of your plant floor right on your phone, tablet, and desktop – all with one application.

Powerful Visualization Tools

Easily create dynamic SCADA dashboards with powerful tools for data analysis. Stay on top of your business objectives with a full library of customizable charts and tables, to monitor key performance indicators, see at-a-glance trending, and more.

Want to know how Automation Software helps your Industry? 

Get expert opinions and  and online demonstration of how to use the software to  create the ideal SCADA solution for your industry