Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge

This high-quality Bourdon tube pressure gauge has been designed especially for increased safety requirements within the process industry.

The use of high-quality stainless steel materials and the robust design are geared to applications in the chemical and process engineering industries. Thus the instrument is suitable for liquid and gaseous media, also in aggressive environments.


  • Increased safety requirements for personal protection
  • With liquid-filled case for applications with high dynamic pressure loads or vibrations (model 233.30)
  • For gaseous and liquid aggressive media that are not highly viscous or crystallising, also in aggressive environments
  • Oil and gas industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, power engineering and also water and wastewater technology


Nominal size in mm

63, 100, 160


Accuracy class                             

NS 63: 1.6

NS 100, 160: 1.0


Scale ranges                                

NS 63: 0 … 1 to 0 … 1,000 bar

NS 100: 0 … 0.6 to 0 … 1,000 bar

NS 160: 0 … 0.6 to 0 … 1,600 bar

or all other equivalent vacuum or combined pressure and

vacuum ranges


Pressure limitation                          

NS 63: Steady: 3/4 x full scale value

Fluctuating: 2/3 x full scale value

Short time: Full scale value

NS 100, 160: Steady: Full scale value

Fluctuating: 0.9 x full scale value

Short time: 1.3 x full scale value


Permissible temperature    

Ambient: -40 … +60 °C with unfilled instruments

-20 … +60 °C with instruments with glycerine filling 1)

Medium: +200 °C maximum with unfilled instruments

+100 °C maximum with filled

instruments 1)

Ingress protection  per IEC/EN 60529                 

IP65 (instruments with back mount connection: IP54)


Process connection                          

Stainless steel 316L (NS 63: 1.4571)

Lower mount (radial) or lower back mount

NS 63: G ¼ B (male), SW 14

NS 100, 160: G ½ B (male), SW 22


Pressure element                          

Stainless steel 316L

C-type or helical type



Stainless steel



Aluminum, white, black lettering

NS 63 with pointer stop pin





Aluminum, black

Stainless steel, with solid baffle wall (Solid front) and blowout back, scale ranges ≤ 0 … 16 bar (lower mount) with

compensating valve to vent case.



Laminated safety glass (NS 63: Polycarbonate)




Bayonet ring, stainless steel


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