Non- Contact Radar Level Sensor


The ideal sensor for non-contact level measurement in simple applications where a high degree of protection is required. It is particularly suitable for use in water treatment, pumping stations and rain overflow basins, for flow measurement in open channels and level monitoring. In bulk solids the sensors are used in small bulk solids silos or open containers.


  • Exact measurement results independent of medium, process and environmental conditions
  • High accuracy and wide measuring range
  • Maintenance-free operation due to non-contact 80 GHz radar technology

Technical Specification

Measuring range – Distance        15 m
Process temperature                      -40 … 80 °C
Process pressure                             -1 … 3 bar
Accuracy                                               ± 2 mm
Frequency                                            80 GHz
Beam angle                                          8°
Materials, wetted parts                PVDF
Threaded connection                    G1½ / G1, 1½  NPT / 1 NPT,                                                                                                         R1½ / R1
Seal material                                       FKM
Protection rating                              IP66/IP68
                                                                   (3 bar), Type 6P
Output                                                   4 … 20 mA/HART
Modbus                                                 SDI-12
Ambient temperature                  -40 … 80 °C



     Receiving water

Level measurement of receiving water

Level measurement in a sewer network    Sewer network

Level measurement in a sewer network

   Bank filtration

Level and pressure measurement of water from lake and river banks

   Pure water tank

Level measurement in the pure water tank

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