Industry: Construction


Application: Real- time Diesel Tank Level Monitoring


Challenge: Diesel Storage tanks are located at different site locations, far away from the central administration. Getting the tank level data is utmost priority to ensure proper stock maintenance, truck dispatching and theft prevention. Manual data collection requires man hours, hence results in time wastage and chances of fraud. Customer needs alerting features that help identify every increase or decrease in the tank levels, generating daily reports and alarms/notifications on unusual scenarios.

Solution: We chose groov EPIC to design an efficient, easy-to-install system that collects level of the stationary storage tank using suitable level sensors. The data is stored locally with groov EPIC’s built-in Node-RED editor and then sent to cloud server, which is displayed on the mobile and web-powered dashboards of the user using MQTT protocol.



remote level monitoring


  1. It helped the client to know the exact level of diesel in each tanks which helped them to manage their diesel stocks and truck dispatching more efficiently.
  2. The groov EPIC system can generate local alarms and pump control upon overfill and other unusual scenarios. On-site visualization of data is additional to the cloud based dashboard for remote monitoring.
  3. Cloud based monitoring software use advanced analytics to analyse and process data to create a simplified management process for seamless process execution and remote monitoring.