Advanced wireless remote tank monitoring solution with realtime data logging and KPI dashboard.

Industrial organizations, water management companies, and agriculture businesses face enormous challenges when it comes to monitoring tank levels. When companies rely on manual checks or other ineffective monitoring methods, challenges and risks quickly mount up. Without a clear log of their inventory data, these companies can suddenly run out of important stock. Manual checks are incredibly time consuming which makes employees who carry out the process less efficient.


Data on the levels are sent to a cloud- based platform that can be accessed from any device and from any location. An IoT monitoring device, connected to a global network (using M2M SIM Card) , provides real- time visibility of tank levels. Through the data analytics provided by the app, companies can determine consumption patterns and anticipate refill schedules.

Monitor your Tank levels ,solids or  liuids, continuously with our remote tank monitoring solution. 


Real- time Visibility of tank level

  • Dashboard visibility across geographies, scenarios, functions and metrics
  • Real time status about fill levels, usage, temperature, location and tank health status.
  • Alerts and push notifications across platforms, channels and devices to understand criticality of tanker health.
  • Build in analytics with trends tracker that can predict tanker status for real time decision making.

Online Trends

  • Any tank gauging parameters or tank inventory can be viewed online historically.
  • User can define his own groups of trends for easy retrieval and viewing

Configuration and Security

  • Multi-level user access security and individual user configuration and access control.
  • System configuration by tank farm engineer and individual customization of user preferences by operator.
  • Import tank parameters from Excel worksheets for data initialization.

Why Remote Tank  Monitoring ?


Accurate Measurements

More accurate tools for measuring content levels and inside temperature that simplies processes and  minimizes the risk of error. Using sensors which are unaffected by environment surrounded, we ensure te accuracy of sensitive reading .


Reduce Cost of Opereation

Eliminate the expenses and hassles associated with installing, altering, or expanding wired infrastructure by connecting the tanks through wireless connectivity.Reduce hardware and labor costs and improve productivity.The changes required in a wireless system are minimal. 


Complete Inventory Management

By  network connectivity, asset managers have easy access to timely, accurate information.The wireless system alerts key personnel  if tank levels are outside of the established parameters which saves frequent manual tank monitoring.


Versatility to expand

Wireless networks are versatile, highly-scalable, and can easily be adapted to meet changing needs.New nodes and sensors taking measurements from new containers can be integrated into a network or an entirely new network can be deployed to accommodate a new group of tanks easily and saving cost and man power