On page SEO is one of the strong strategies under SEO process by which you can optimize your website content for the search engine. It is very important as it tells  all about your website to the search engine and helps you to get a higher ranking. On-page seo  involves a number  technical changes that you make in your website content so that the content quality is ensured to get more traffic to your website.

Here are some of the main on-page SEO techniques that are going to improve your search engine visibility.

1.  Quality content You should ensure that your website content is simple, structured for easy navigation for the users and also readable as google favours quality content over over stuffed . 2. Optimised headings and sub headings Your content headings and sub headings should contain the primary keyword(s) so that the search engine can index your heading tags. 3.  Optimise Meta description Meta description is the sentence(s) that appear below the title of the search result in google. If you do not add a specific meta description google will automatically add the first sentence from your content. By customising the description with the keywords it is easy for the search engine to guess the content and thereby you can attract more visitors to your site . 4. Optimise the images The image size plays an important role in your page speed. When you upload images make sure that they are compressed and also include image alt tags. Image alt text or tag is the description about the image and it helps the search engine to understand what the image is about. 5. Structured URL An optimised URL offers a better search experience to user and allows search engines to understand the ‘relevance’ and ‘context’ of the web page.  Keep your url simple, short and intelligible. Include your keyword in the url and separate the words with hyphens than space or underscore. 6. External links The external links are the most important source of ranking power.If another website links to you or you link out to another website it is called an  external link. Search engines determine the value of external links with metrics like trustworthiness of the linking domain , anchor text used in the link etc. 7. Internal links Internal links are links that are pointed with in the domain or simply saying they are links to connect between your website pages. They allow users to navigate a website, help to establish information hierarchy for the given website. 8. Mobile Responsive Design Make sure that your website is mobile friendly as a large percentage of searches are from mobiles. You can make use of Google mobile friendly tool to check your site’s responsiveness and make necessary correction to the design. Let us summarise it. On-page SEO is all about fulfilling search intent and giving the perfect answer or solution to the user. The above 8 techniques are useful to optimise your website when they are used together. It will improve overall quality of your website and certainly provide a great user experience.