Automated meter reading system offers a broader range of remote monitoring and alerting capabilities as well as provides powerful data analytics tools to help companies and individual users optimize their energy consumption.

In addition to metering features, smart metering are capable of calculating several parameters as power factor or THD and to predict power consumption at particular intervals.

Arrowfinch’s smart metering solution accurately measure the energy consumption in houses, apartment buildings and commercial buildings. Traditionally energy consumption registered by every meter will have to be periodically read out by  a person and it requires access to every meter to list the consumption since the previous read out. Nowadays more efficient methods to register the consumption are available.

Most of them can be implemented using the existing infrastructure (retrofitting or digitalization). These systems rely on the installation of small IoT devices that collect consumption data and transfer them to the customer’s IT systems. The installation itself does not require replacement or breach of the integrity of meters, thereby preserving manufacturer guarantees and low-cost digitalization of the network. One can also carry it out in a fast, less invasive and safe way.

We offer three types of automated meter reading solutions;

Wireless readout with portable device

This is a wireless meter reading solution using a portable radio receiver with Bluetooth interface. Access to the meters is no longer required, saving a significant amount of time for planning and scheduling activities. This is a perfect solution where a manageable number of meters are required to be read periodically.

Data logging with the help of data concentrator

Where there are numerous energy meters that must read out frequently, the use of data concentrator makes task easier and accurate. Our data concentrator can communicate and store data from meters up to 50 numbers with a typical indoor/urban communication distance of 2 km. The data can be read out at any time with analysing tools, e.g. on a PC, via IP technology. This solution is recommended for larger facility which helps them increase their buildings’ energy efficiency.

Cloud based meter reading system

When data from meters spread out in various buildings over a larger area, cloud-based remote meter reading solution can be used. The smart energy software platform is carefully developed for the overall integration of data, business processes and technologies. It collects the data from different data concentrators. The data can be analysed and ordered for further processes in other systems such as automatic billing solutions, energy advising solutions, SCADA, Building Management Systems (BMS) and more. The simplicity of managing large amounts of data saves time and reduces the risk of mistakes in daily meter operations. This solution is recommended for building investors and energy utilities.

Features and benefits

Smart metering systems provide companies in the utilities sector with the ability to monitor supply networks and efficiently respond to events.

Data can be obtained even from meters that are difficult to access and those located at long distances from each other.

They are sent periodically, informing the end-user about the reading, transmission data, and possible failures and errors.

This makes it possible to send teams almost immediately where they are needed at any given time. All this is to respond as quickly as possible if a problem arises.